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This is your Trinity crew

Good looking, charming and very humble...

We are Vincent de Nieuwenhuyze from Belgium, Marith Venderbosch from the Netherlands and Lena Breuer from Germany - three professional improvisers who join their forces for an exclusive improv getaway close to the DrielandenPunt. They will be joined by the fantastic Sara van de Zande from Brussels who will be the best improv host ever.

German dutch and belgian flags waving in the wind at triple border point Drielandenpunt Le

What will we teach?

Vincent, Marith and Lena will bring their favourite workshops to Trinity - a mix of different experiences, styles and artistic backgrounds - handcrafted for the group.

Elevate Your Improvised Narratives with us: "What's the Story?" 3 Days, 3 Approaches

Every stage moment births a story from scratch - no scripts, just a co-creation with our scene partners. As improvisers, we're all storytellers. Yet, at times, our narratives falter, the plot feels scattered, and the essence of the story eludes us. Let's transform this experience!

Join us for an improv holiday dedicated to storytelling, where you'll explore three distinct approaches to improvised storytelling guided by our trio of skilled teachers.

The Team

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