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Code of Conduct

Trinity holiday is an improv theater event for the international improv community and people who want to learn, grow and have an awesome summer. We want to be an open community where everyone can express themselves freely without unintentionally hurting each other.

By registering for Trinity you agree to behave in accordance with the following statements and their intention.

We´ll keep it short so as not to waste your time.

Please read this.


No one´s identity should ever be treated as the object of a joke or questioned, whether in or out of scenes.


Every member of our community is valuable and deserves equal respect. Respect the boundaries of others, but also your own.


If you are part of a scene or exercise that you are not (anymore) comfortable with, it is your right to end it. No explanation or justification is required from you.


Always assume that others act with good intentions.


There is no such thing as "an improv to rule them all";. Every school and every approach has its justification. What one appreciates about improv is subjective and there is no objective truth about it, whether one teaches or learns.​

The Trinity team

PS: Our thanks go to The International Improv Station created by Chris Mead and Katy Schutte, who have allowed us to adopt their Code of Conduct in large parts. This was possible because it is a social network of improv players that stands for the same values as Trinity and we thank you a million times.

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