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Trinity is your improv holiday adventure....

Program & dates 2024 edition

​Program includes:

  • 18 hours of improv class in easy english

  • We are expecting a mix of Dutch, Belgian and German improvisers - feel free to improvise in your language, we´ll understand you!

  • 3 internationally known teachers

  • 2 groups of maximum 12 participants

  • 4 nights in a shared ensuite double room or a single room in a lovely hotel close to the Rursee lake (yes, you can swim in it!)

  • All inclusive food & drinks! Vegetarian (with meat as an option), three meals a day, all beverages (from coffee to alcohol) and a barbecue evening

  • 4 fun evening activities

  • 1 boat trip on the Rursee


  • Wednesday : Arrival (we´ll help you to organise your transport) 

  • Improv workshops from Thursday to Saturday 6 hours per day

  • Sunday : Brunch, check-out and boat trip

Dates: 17th to 21st of July 2024


WHAT´S THE STORY - Elevate your improvised narratives

Every stage moment births a story from scratch - no scripts, just a co-creation with our scene partners. As improvisers, we're all storytellers. Yet, at times, our narratives falter, the plot feels scattered, and the essence of the story eludes us. Let's transform this experience!

Join us for an improv holiday dedicated to storytelling, where you'll explore three distinct approaches to improvised storytelling guided by our trio of skilled teachers.

We´ll create two workshop groups with maximum 12 people - every group will get the same workshops.

Lena's Workshop: "Fuck the story"
Tired of the same old hero's journey? Lena challenges conventionality! In six hours, delve into the fundamentals of the hero's journey before shattering its boundaries. Discover alternative narrative structures that breathe fresh life into your improvisational storytelling. Explore the realms beyond the traditional and unleash your narrative potential.

Marith´s Workshop: "True stories in two ways"

Every day we get to be inspired by anything that happens to us. Encounters with other people, something you’ve heard or saw. The stuff that moves us. 
How can we use these stories to inspire ourselves and scene partners on stage. 
For one part focusing on storytelling and being inspired by the story. 
For the other part translating your story to a concrete start of a scene.

Vincent´s Workshop: "Story Sculpting: Crafting Narratives Through Personal Immersion"

Join me on a journey where storytelling becomes an immersive experience. In this workshop, we won't just tell stories, we'll embody them. Explore the core of narrative by becoming the characters that breathe life into the tale. Delve into 4 distinct story tropes to refine your skills as a protagonist, antagonist, deuteragonist, and tritagonist. Uncover the character nuances that make the stories unforgettable, and elevate your storytelling powers. Join me in this unique exploration where characters are the heartbeat of every tale, and your ability to be them defines the narrative. Don't just witness the story; become the sotry!

Prices 2024 edition

You pay for the total Trinity package: lodging, workshops, food, snacks, drinks.


  • Price normal: 865 Euro (double room), 925 Euro (single room - SOLD OUT)

  • Price reduced*: 745 Euro (double room), 695 Euro (single room - SOLD OUT)

Early Bird - Book until february 15th:

  • Price normal: 835 Euro (double room), 895 Euro (single room - SOLD OUT)

  • Price reduced*: 675 Euro (double room), 725 Euro (single room - SOLD OUT )

*terms and conditions for the reduced price


Not included in the price: The journey! But we will help you with the organization of carpools, pick you up from the train station if necessary and take care of it!

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